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Wolf&Fox is committed to content driven design, custom fit and tailored for your unique vision.

Wolf&Fox helps creative and nonprofit organizations create, improve, and maintain their websites. We specialize in WordPress-based sites and are dedicated to a hands-on, consultative approach, with the goal of preparing website owners to be self-sufficient and independent when it comes to their web property.

Web Development

Our primary work is in developing websites. We take a consultative approach to designing websites that both embody the work of our clients and attract their ideal members, consumers, and customers.

Graphic Design

Our graphic design services range from updating your existing brand materials to creating logo and identity systems for your new venture. Packaging our branding and website services is the best way to get a new business up and running.

Content Strategy

Web design isn’t just about putting information on the internet. We enjoy the challenge of streamlining content and reviewing visitor data to create content plans that make sense and work for your users.

WordPress Fluent

We love WordPress and understand why it’s ranked #1 among web content management systems. We are equipped to dive into an existing WordPress installation to resolve issues, or get you online with a brand new installation and custom theme.

CSS Retrofitting

Sometimes all a website needs is a little CSS TLC. We specialize in retrofitting existing sites with updated design and responsive stylesheets, extending the life of your existing web property without overhauling everything.

Education & Training

If you’ve found yourself with a legacy site that is difficult (or impossible) to use, give us a call. We can take a look under the hood, find out what’s going on, and then train you and your staff once we’ve identified a solution.

The Wolf&Fox Perspective

We have over three decades of combined experience in the design and development world. We have worked hard for small businesses and nonprofits – both on the floor and behind the scenes – and have further explored our talents in high-volume agency and B2B settings.

Throughout, we’ve both found the most joy in working closely with clients who are motivated by a passion for doing good in the world. Thus, Wolf&Fox was born.

Our work revolves around great partnerships with great people.

Wolf&Fox serves clients worldwide but takes special pleasure in serving local Saint Paul and Minneapolis organizations including artists, musicians, and designers as well as educators, community organizations, and nonprofit consultants. Some of our fantastic clients and collaborators include:

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